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Toolbox Maintenance Solutions provides prompt comprehensive property and facility maintenance and repair services with a focus on cost control and expense reduction while preserving the long-term physical and economic value of real estate assets.


Our adopted philosophy over 15 years property maintenance experience is simple, doing the job right the first time delivers quality & customer satisfaction.

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Quality workmanship and customer service are two essential benefits we’re renowned for.

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Toolbox Maintenance Solutions is a full service facility maintenance business for Metro & Suburban Perth.  We provide all types of businesses with cost-effective facilities management solutions, exceptional service and workmanship at reasonable prices.  Our highly qualified tradesmen are competent friendly and ready to perform a variety of maintenance and repair services for you. 15 years of experience has delivered paramount goals in customer satisfaction, confidentiality and security.  We understand the importance of constant communication and will work with you to gain a complete understanding of your specific needs. 

Maintenance as an Asset
Too often, property maintenance is viewed as a necessary evil – a penalty cost to property asset upkeep.

At Toolbox we view it as an opportunity, a tool that allows us to exceed our client’s expectations by providing the following benefits to install renewed pride and bringing property assets back to full value.

• Customer service

Quality, responsive, cost-effective service maintenance of a property not only makes sense from an asset preservation standpoint Toolbox we view it as a part of the foundation of our customer service program. 

• Tenant retention
Toolbox maintenance can be used as a tenant retention tool, a key factor when negotiating lease renewals on apartment, multi-family, office and retail properties. During a term of lease, maintenance personnel may be the face representing corporate management, which tenants interact with mostly over the term of their tenancy. Our maintenance personnel are skilled in their trade and also demonstrate good people skills. They are friendly, trustworthy, professional and caring while productive in their trade. 

• Control costs of the maintenance program
Maintenance is a necessary component to keep property in top working and liveable condition that includes general, emergency and routine repairs. Costs can be reduced through comprehensive preventative maintenance planning carried out weekly, quarterly and annually.

• Implementing a preventative maintenance program

The value of routine scheduled property maintenance, can't be understated.
Here is a list of the most common items included in any commercial or residential preventative maintenance program:

§  Fire Hazards

§  Rain gutters: Inspect for secure fastening and clean out. 

§  Roofs and Flashing: Inspect and repair. 

§  Fire Extinguishers: Inspect and recharge. 

§  Smoke Alarms: Inspect and test battery. 

§  Photocells: Inspect, test and clean. 

§  Storm Drains: Inspect and clean

§  Lawn Sprinklers: Inspect, test, replace heads, and reset timers. 

§  Windows & Doors: Inspect weather stripping, thresholds, hinges, door closers and locks. 


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